Athens: Eye-Prod. Productions

Eye-Prod. offers full production services in Greece, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Kenya and Zanzibar for stills and commercials.

Eye-Prod. has worked with a range of new photographers and clients, including Chris Boehm for Klingel, Ralph Wenig and Fred Cresseaux for 3Suisses. Other jobs included collaborations with HG Producers on a shoot for Hilton in Kos, Wasiliki Goutziomitros on a SwissTV travel documentary shot on location throughout Greece, and production for Kai Gräber and Brawand Rieken on a Patros shoot in Athens.

This season began with Ronald Michalk from Fernsicht for a Madeleine catalogue shoot in Santorini and Athens. Eye-Prod. expresses special thanks to Christine Brogli from Kerozene for co-producing the Diesel campaign for the Santos agency in Crete.

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