Marrakech: Red Stills Photography

Red Stills Photography is a production enterprise with a highly experienced professional crew. The company specialises in producing photographic advertising and print campaigns for both the Moroccan and international markets.

The company was founded by Hicham El Ghorfi who has over eight years production experience working with a diverse range of clients from international film production to the Moroccan tourism sector.  

Recent work includes:

  • Mango (Feb 2012) by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer. Production: Mascioni Associati.
  • Les ambassadeurs Dacia (Jan 2012) by Bruno Fabresse.
  • Guigue - Photographer: Paul Bellaart. Production: Hazazah Film & Photography.
  • Noosa - Photographer: Karen Rosetzsky. Production: 100% Halal Film.
  • Rabat DVD Promotion by Walid Rohd. Production: Habbekrats.
  • Etoiles du Monde - Photographer: Stephane Dessaint.
  • 1001 Nights (August 2011) by Michel Haddi.
  • Tatjana Anika - Photographer: Gonzalo Machado.
  • Europe Assistance Belgium - Production: Square.

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