Auckland - Queenstown - Sydney : Our Production Team

"Late summer-autumn/fall is one of my favourite times to shoot photographs in the Southern Hemisphere," says Executive Producer Megan Wilkinson. "The light is amazing and the weather lovely, with February and March being our hottest months.  The lakes and coastlines just sparkle, the wheat and maize is mature and the transition to autumn/fall in the South Island of NZ is spectacular, with the whole area becoming golden."

With between them over 30 years experience producing photo shoots, Executive Producers and co-owners Rebecca Vaughan and Megan Wilkinson have extensive experience working within New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

"Diminishing budgets mean that the money has to go further and you have to be more creative in the production approach, whilst still maintaining high production values,” says Rebecca. “As we specialise in photographic campaigns we have the experience to know photography’s unique requirements and where cost savings can be achieved while still ensuring that the images look amazing.”

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