Toronto: Wahooz Downtown Car Studio

Wahooz Studio is located on the harbour front of downtown Toronto with easy access to all major hotels, restaurants and highways. The studio is custom designed for automotive print and television productions.

The 3200 sq.ft. studio has a 40’x32’x18’ U-shaped cyclorama with full ceiling return; two 28’x3’radius moveable ground rows; 30’x10’ Chimera graduated lightbox; and a 45’x15’ mezzanine level with dressing/make-up area and washroom with shower.

The studio provides a large amount of Tungsten and Strobe lighting and grip equipment along with black and grey light shaping material, 75K power, cable and distribution. The 15’x15’ automatic overhead door allows easy access for even larger vehicles and the parking lot can accommodate 30 cars and four production support vehicles.

The design and layout of the studio provides a comfortable and efficient workspace for even the most ambitious projects and has been extensively utilised over the past 17 years for the creation of virtually every automobile manufacturer's production requirements.

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