Vandervoort is an independent daylight photo studio and creative workspace located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

With over 2,500 sq. ft. of refined industrial space and 180° of unobstructed natural light, the studio features 14ft. high ceilings and a 35’ x 35’ shooting area, oversized southeast and southwest facing windows with full blackout capability, and concrete floors.

The studio also features a private styling room, a freight elevator and airplay sound system. Select grip and photo equipment is also available for rent.

Vandervoort’s expansive rooftop serves as a perfect playground for outdoor shoots, while the diverse neighbourhood makes the studio an ideal hub for location shoots.

A relaxed environment combined with traditional studio functionality caters to virtually any type of shoot. Offering 100% privacy, the versatile space is available for photo projects and editorials and is the perfect venue for realising artistic visions.

Visit the website for more info and follow Vandervoort on Instagram.