: Buenos Aires: Tekal Studios

Tekal Studios, Buenos Aires' ultimate photo and film complex, is a creative centre for visual communications developed to include three studios in a complex measuring 1200 m².

Offering full production services and a great atmosphere in which to work, the studios are centrally located in Vicente Lopez - one of the best residential areas in the city - and enjoy easy and secure access to local attractions.

Studio amenities include parking, kitchen facilities, bathrooms, a make-up room, and ample space for styling, dining, production and entertainment. All studios have a max. electrical power of 50 KW for cinema lighting. Additional services include on-site set designers and builders as well as photo equipment rental through Tekal Rental Services.

  • Orange Studio: 112 m² in 14m x 8m, height 4m with Cyclorama. Windowless studio with small car access.
  • Blue Studio: 140 m² in 15m x 10m, height 4 m with cement floor and beautiful lateral natural light with metallic blackout curtains. Car access (4.7m max. length).
  • White Studio: 384 m² in 16m x 24m, height in parabolic roof 5.5m in centre and 4m maximum. Total Zenith lighting manageable up to full darkness. First floor studio.

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