Miami: Photopia Studios

Photopia has expanded, remodelled, redesigned and freshly furnished its studios and locations:

  • The New York Loft / Studio 1: 3,750 sq ft. Cyc. (22x20 ft.), 16 ft. high ceiling, two big panorama windows (11 x 12 ft. & 16x 14 ft.) which can be blocked out by automatic rolling doors, an expanded storage area of 750 sq. ft. and second floor space, large styling and make-up rooms, and an eat-in kitchen in an ultra modern design.
  • The Boston Loft / Studio 2: 2,500 sq ft. and 16 ft. high ceilings with classic moldings. cyc. (16 x 16 ft.), 3 x daylight panorama windows 10 x 10 and 12 x 10 ft., French colonial sliding doors, a kitchen and dining area, fireplace, library with early 18th century European country-style furniture and writing desk, complete with Winchester Sofas.
  • South Cottage has been newly decorated with whitewashed classic French furniture and equipped with a modern professional Viking kitchen.
  • The Beach House interior has been enlarged by 300 sq. ft. to a big open rectangle room of 1200 sq. ft.
  • North Garden: The new 2x20x30 pool has been installed.
  • 99 Palms is the company's ultra modern location, a house with completely movable furnishings, terraces, a large pool and garden.

Visit the website or contact Christian on +1 305-213-0200 for more information.

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