Cologne: RAW / Ralph Wentz

Ralph Wentz is a photographer and art director based in Cologne, Germany. Ralph has a reputation for the clear and precise image, specialising in people and portrait and interior and exterior photography as well as kids and teens.

While photographing kids, Ralph really is interested in the true nature of the human being and the young character.

"Most often we see these superficial pictures of kids and teens in unreal surroundings. I try to get closer to them, try to see them as personalities in their own right. That’s why I love to take these straight portraits of kids and teens, because it is so honest and true. Their eyes are like windows to their soul and there is nothing they will hide from you, when you have their trust.“

Ralph recently shot promotional campaigns for a German kids TV-show and Alpenmilch, a key visual for Energiebau US, an awarness campaign for child abuse and a series of motion stills.

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