: NOHO Productions

Think "still life" in New York, and Noho Productions comes to mind. For over 10 years, Noho has been working with an international clientele of still life photographers, and their 12 studios have also become popular among beauty, celebrity and portrait photographers.

Studio features include: absolute privacy, 12 foot high ceilings, blackout window shades, kitchens for food shoots, wireless internet access, as well as an iMac internet station in each studio. Their state-of-the-art digital department includes PhaseOne, Leaf Aptus, Canon, G5 workstations and complete digital capture packages.

One of the largest equipment rooms in New York, it includes: the Sinar P2 system, Schneider lenses, Hasselblad H1, Mamiya RZ, Foba camera stands, Profoto Pro7, Arri Fresnels, Dedolights, and Matthews Grip.

Noho's large stock of sets and supplies for still life, however, is what clearly sets their equipment room apart from others.

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