Spain - Italy: Sergio Cattivelli

"Past and future, strength and weakness, old and young are juxtaposed to bare the challenges that all of humanity has been facing in recent months. The elderly are vulnerable because of illness; children are vulnerable as they need guidance in order to discover the world.” 

During Sergio’s travels around the globe he has always been inspired by these two subjects, by their deep eyes, naive gestures and unconditional smiles. In these images it is vulnerability that becomes the key to interpreting their two worlds, both seemingly distant but in reality are fragile in the same way.

This collection of Sergio’s last trip to La Habana, Cuba, we see the old generations together with the new, the remembrance that is necessary to nourish the hope and the calm that is mixed with impetus.

Barcelona-based Italian photographer and professional traveller Sergio Cattivelli has been across all five continents, visiting tens of countries to capture the essence of people, places and landscapes. He speaks five languages fluently, which is great leverage in getting him closer to people and understanding their cultures.

Sergio is available to travel for assignments worldwide.

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