Boston: Bill Sumner

Bill Sumner loves to take honest pictures of real people and have a blast.

"I have been doing it for quite a while for many different clients all over the world. Working with good people who love to collaborate and to come up with something they never thought of is the best.

Of course, you need a plan when you start a project, but you must also be open to the happy accidents which can supersede anything you imagined. Everyone at the shoot is a potential contributor, and they need the opportunity to chime in. During one job, when I was working as an assistant, the photographer, who was exhausted after a long day, asked the janitor leaning on his broom what he thought. We worked another two hours getting some of the best stuff yet.

My studio is just north of Boston, but my passport is current so anywhere I can get to on this planet can be my next location. Let's talk and hopefully have some fun together."

Clients include: Nike, Converse, Raddison, Royal Caribbean, Wyndham, National Gypsum, American Airlines, and many others.

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