Australia: Chris Searl

Australian director and photographer Chris Searl is at the top of his game. Highly sought after globally for his original aesthetic, Chris has the unique ability to deliver an aspirational campaign authentically.

Keeping his finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary culture has been an important key to Chris’ ability to add the element of effortless cool to any campaign.

There is a perceived ‘realness’ to his work which carries across both Chris’ motion and stills work.

Chris’ imagery never appears forced or overworked, it is never over lit or over styled.  His story telling is succinct, engaging and credible, it speaks to the audience in a voice the audience understands. He speaks to the audience in their own language.

Shooting both motion and stills allows Chris to deliver a holistic package to his clients. The overall campaign has the same distinct flavour and aesthetic.

Chris has taken this genre and made it his own, lending his creative eye and seemingly effortless aesthetic to many global brands. He is responsible for global campaigns for Levi’s and Corona and has added his touch to global brands such as Coke, Nike, Coruba, Wrangler, Samsung, Apple, Budweiser, Burton, Kirin, Pepsi, Lee Jeans, Visa and Qantas. In addition, Chris’ portraiture subjects have included Beck, Julian Casablancas, Dave Grohl.

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