The Netherlands: Glenn Mostert

"A special project in my Spotlight this time. It started with a feeling that lingered after a week camping in the south of The Netherlands. "Why are you here? This is our campsite. Get lost!” Perhaps I was completely wrong and I was imagining these thoughts. But it didn't let them go. The combination with an audience that was at least 75% covered in tattoos gave me the idea to make this project.

Fortunately the owner of Strandpark Vlugtenburg was immediately enthusiastic about Campink. The thoughts 'Why do you have tattoos? And what's behind those pictures?' We found particularly interesting.

You can actually see this project in two parts. On the one hand the black and white photos with the stories and on the other hand the colour photos that tell the story about the Campink campsite.

I would like to say: “Welcome to Campink.”"

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