: London: Barry Willis

Whether it is professional models or people on the street, Barry Willis loves shooting people.

"Photography is all about connecting" he says, "and the proof is in a great image. Most people find being in front of the camera intimidating, so the skill is to help the sitter to expose their personality for the camera. With professional models, you’re looking for role play and acting skills - but in such a way that they are believable as real people. And once that magic starts, you know the picture is working."

For Barry, being a dad helps in relating to kids, and he enjoys the fun element of shooting with children. As well as his camera, he always packs bags of energy, lightness of touch, flexibility and the ability to grab the moment - "because it is highly unlikely you will get a second chance!"

"Young or old, professional or not, I love to come away knowing that there has been a connection and that I've got some great pictures to work on."

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