Minneapolis: Curtis Johnson

An endorsement of photographer Curtis Johnson, as told by An Amish Man:

"If I, Habakuk Johansen, believed in photography I would hire Curtis Johnson for all of my photographic needs. I would ask him to take pictures of me doing chores. Naked. Churning butter, raising barns, pitching hay, all crazy-ass naked. I would then ask him to put his big, manly arms around me and sweep me away from the simple life of conservative values and sin-free living. He would take me deep within the metallic structures of man’s arrogance. There I would indulge in the firewater, swagger in a drunken stupor, belt out profanity whilst picking fights with discotechque patrons only to awake hours later in a hospital ward where I would eat canned applesauce and watch episodes of MacGyver on the intimidating, technological glowing box...........if I believed in photography, that is."

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