London: Chris Holland

"The big change for the studio in the last year has been the inclusion of HD video to our stills facilities," says Chris Holland.

"Alongside my normal stills work, video operator Cameron Wheels and I have combined nearly 10 campaigns with video in the last year. This has been very cost effective as a lot of footage can be shot on stills days, maximising travel, location, crew and artists' costs. We have shot several treatments for Southern Europe in Spain as well as UK locations and fly aways. The relative compactness and lightweight of Full Frame HD cameras allows ease of travel and set-up time. Editing has been in-house by Matt Bayley.

"The studio also offers two shooting areas and still life photographer Adrian Lyon works with me. This means we can shoot product and main shots on the same day, therefore maximising client time. We are also very experienced in stills retouching."

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