Born and raised in Southern California, Michael Scott Slosar took his first photography course in 7th grade and didn't stop there. After attending Northern Arizona University and Brooks Institute of Photography, he moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2002 to pursue his career in photography.

Michael loves to travel and be on the go, and gets restless if he stays in one place for too long. This is why he currently splits his time between NY and CA.

Michael wishes the world was still film and Polaroid and believes film is the new vinyl. He loves anything vintage, "classic", and/or antique and never misses a good BBQ.

His clients include Toyota, Lacoste, British GQ, Playboy, Sony Records, Ed Hardy, Zoo York, Puma, Asics, Honda, Acura, Time Out Magazine, Italian Vogue-Black, Procter & Gamble, Bridgestone, Hollister and Abercrombie.