: New York [USA]: Work Production Company

Project Argentina, The South American arm of Work Production Company, ended a spectacular year with projects in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Miami and New York. 

Founded by Work Production Company producer Wendy Gordon, Project Argentina provides full service New York-quality photo production to shoots worldwide and in Argentina, Latin America at nearly a third of the regular cost.

"During 10 years producing in places as far reaching as China, Europe, the Caribbean and Canada," says Executive Producer Wendy Gordon,  "I learned first hand that there are very special challenges that arise when a large production goes on the road.  Our North American, European, and Asian clients have very high standards when it comes to production values, scheduling, and budget management. We believe their experience abroad should be conducted with the same professional standards they are accustomed to at home."

The company has completed projects with Brian Doben, Liz Von Hoene, Sandro, Clang, Chino Zavalia, Michael Crouser and Mark Zibert, for Jupiter Images, Neiman Marcus, Sports Illustrated, Narrow Jeans, Samsung, Lucky Magazine and 2 campaigns for Dove.

It recently began pre-production on a project for BMW, involving some spectacular locations in Argentina.

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