: Barcelona: La Cosa de las Películas

Production company La Cosa de las Películas has been creating commercials for more than 25 years. It was started in Barcelona in 1982 by Ramón Poch and Eduardo Romero-Girón (both photographers and directors), and was a huge challenge for the pair after they had already succeeded in the world of photography with La Cosa de la Fotografía.

La Cosa de las Películas has since worked with more than 30 directors from all over the world, and collaborated with companies and advertising agencies from all five continents - from Beirut to Seoul, through to Paris, London and Milan, among many others.

"We know our job and what our clients expect of it, and we like getting involved in their projects. We know the importance of teamwork, and we walk together until the end - we know no other way. A good result is the only way of justifying our existence as professionals."

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