London: Smoke & Mirrors

“At Smoke & Mirrors we get approached to create projects that require exact replication of something that isn’t possible to shoot. We were tasked with a bespoke project from Lucky Generals, to carve a message of support to the England football team, out of the Amazon Rainforest, for the World Cup in Brazil.

We first researched the topography of the area, tree types and soil; everything had to be considered for this replication. We then started to build trees that were native to the area and populated our scene. It was time to address the lighting: it was imperative that after all of the research and building work to the trees and the landscape, we nailed the lighting and the atmospherics. We looked at shots online and studied the metadata, to see when they were taken and where. We looked at the position of the sun, in relation to the area at a given time of day, on a specific date; every detail had to be considered. We then added some detail around the edge of the frame, to give the impression a photo had been taken from inside a plane - a tiny bit of porthole edge and some refraction from ‘glass’ in the plane window.

The media buzz, trending articles and hype that followed was huge: we had delivered.”

For more information contact Tom Gibson on +44 (0)20 7468 1000.

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