Toronto: Dan Couto Photography Inc.

Dan Couto is a CGI artist and advertising photographer who believes in combining old-school lighting aesthetics (lighting is king) with modern 3D tools to create beautiful and seductive product images. Viewers find themselves drawn in as senses other than the visual become engaged the longer they look.

From spirit bottle prototyping to finished chocolates and ice creams, Dan is the go-to artist for ad agencies and clients looking to take their branding to another level.

Dan’s meticulous process includes macro photography of actual products in order to extract photo-realistic textures. These are further enhanced with procedurally generated image layering to achieve a delicious realism that works well on everything from home landing pages to billboards and bus shelters.

Dan is also well known for bringing surprising ideas and solutions to clients and their brands, including DARE Candies, Copper Moon, Stillhouse Moonshine, Petra Foods and DalTile.

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