London: AIR-CGI / Harniman

Projects featured in this Spotlight include a range of ads for Mitsubishi showing a photographic car in completely generated backgrounds, one of which is also being used to promote the new movie 'Warrior', and another that has made it into the Cream Award finals.

Also featured is a futuristic car design for DDB showing a car 100% designed and modelled in CGI in a moving location environment. A GM/Vauxhall UK press ad shows a fun recreation of a 1991 garage scene, complete with 90s details and original Nova car, alongside the 2011 garage and new Vauxhall/GM Corsa.

Finally, two European press ads for Citroen of the new CZero model - these were created using a blend of CGI and photography.

Other recent projects include a series of Peugeot 3008 HY night location images, Orange Film-To-Go bus and sitting room, and Late Night London location images with LNL logos created in CGI and blended into the scenes. A range of CGI animations will also soon be released.

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