Auckland: Pacey Production Company

The Pacey Production Company combines 20 years of international experience and local know-how to deliver beautiful and effective imagery for clients.

A full service production company based in ‘the most beautiful country on Earth’ - the Pacey Production Company is passionate about introducing people to the vastly diverse beauty that New Zealand and the South Pacific has to offer.

Snow dusted alps and lush rainforests, crystalline lakes and raging rivers, limestone caves and gasp-inducing waterfalls, long dusty roads and gentle rolling pasture, glamorous white sand and dramatic black sand beaches - all in close proximity.

Adept at working around the clock to assemble top crews in amazing locations, Pacey Production Company make the impossible possible. Recent collaborators include photographer Art Streiber for Universal; director/photographer John Huet for JWT NYC and Playtex; photographer Marcel Pabst for Thule; director Matt Wilson for Shine and GEM Visa.

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