With offices in Lisbon and Stuttgart, Hamilton R. Pereira Production Management provides scouting and location management as well as production services for film and photo teams.

"This year - marking the 20th anniversary - was so far a year with almost only new photographers, film makers and clients. But also jobs spiced up with never existing demands in all those years.

Starting the year with German advertising photographer icon Ivo von Renner: portraying actors for Stuttgart’s famous theater, diestaatstheaterstuttgart. Being a first working with ebikes, we continued with steep hills and historic neighborhoods for Cowboy bikes. Followed immediately by riding locations, parkour and stunning climbing spots around Lisbon for Bosch eBike Systems.

Midsummer, another first: find amongst other locations, three trees that can be felled for a STIHL photo shoot around Stuttgart and Black Forest.

Just before summer break we realised a video and photo production in Stuttgart and at Germany’s biggest lake, Lake of Constance, for EnBW, a southern German electricity provider.

Looking forward to your upcoming fall and winter ideas!

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