: Croatia: Adriatic Productions

Adriatic Productions presents new locations throughout Croatia and Montenegro, offering high quality production services that allow clients to explore a range of beautiful and vibrant landscapes as well as over 1200 islands.

Photography clients include: Porsche (Germany), Peter Hahn (Germany), Kaufhof Galeria Magazine (Germany), Otto GmbH (Germany), Engelbert Strauss Catalogue (Germany), Tilley Catalogue (Canada), British Airways (UK), Grey & Osborne (UK), Look Magazine (UK), Brachfeld (France), Arabian Eye (Dubai), David Hanover Photography (USA), Chris O'Shea Photography (USA), Paul Campbell Photography (UK), The Katy Barker Agency (UK), Thomas Michael Photography (USA), Porto Montenegro (Montenegro) and Studenac Resort (Croatia).

TV clients include: Porsche 'Press Video' (Germany), Mad Dog Production 'Overbooked' (Switzerland), Handbook Productions 'A Place in the Sun' (USA), Splinter Films 'Il Divo - Christmas DVD', RTE 'Time on Their Hands' (Ireland), Travel Channel 'Bridget's Sexiest Beaches - Croatia' (USA), Screaming Flea Productions 'Three Sheets - Croatia' (USA) and Leopard Films - 'House hunters' (USA).

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