: London [UK]: Sue Allatt

 Latest news from the Sue Allatt photographers:

  • Having just shot COI's latest 12 ad campaign, Tif Hunter now finds himself busy travelling the length of the UK photographing exquisite classic cars for the upcoming book "Cars Freedom Style Sex Power Motion Colour Everything", due to be launched this autumn. An exhibition of Tif's beautiful shots will also be held at Tate Modern.

  • Pete Seaward has just returned from the jungles of Borneo after shooting for the Shangri La Hotel chain. He also shot for Land Rover, the English Tourist Board and Strawsons.

  • Andy Blohm, the most recent talent to join the agency, has successfully been in the ring with Ricky Hatton - shooting a series of shots for the Guardian. He is currently putting together an exhibition which opens in London at the end of the summer.

  • After Nigel Parry's great success with his latest book "Blunt", he's been as busy as ever shooting with Angelina Jolie, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Martin, Brad Pitt and Robin Williams.

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