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Latest news from Represented by - Elke Froschauer:

  • Enno Kapitza shot a story for SAL Oppenheim Bank about Kent Nagano and the Bayerische Staats Orchestra. He also worked for SZ Wissen, GEO Saison, Mercedes Transport, MySelf and Stern.
  • Adrian Greiter was busy for K+L Ruppert, Freundin, BMW Magazine and Merian Scout Navigator, and also shot several interiors.
  • Ansgar Pudenz shot for HiLITE, TSS Daimler, Rotary, Holger Stromberg and WMF, and was a guest at Riedel Glas for the 'Saison Küche'. He also shot the "Deutscher Zukunftspreis des Bundespräsidenten" and ADAC Reisen.
  • Jérome Bischler shot different backgrounds in Paris, Lisbon and Marseille for Raiffeisnbank Swiss. Afterwards casting and people shots were done in Munich by Pure Production and Studio.
  • Silvio Gioia was busy for Delineo Design, Segno Lighting and Azienda Vinicola Marchesi Fumanelli.
  • Marden Smith took pictures in Milan and London for 81M8 magazine UK, Sublime magazine UK and JNC magazine Germany, he also shot in Munich for the project 'Oktoberfest'.
  • Jens Erbeck and Cube traveled to Swiss mountain for Schweizer Fleisch and were responsible for both photos and composing. They did photos and retouching for Henkel, for Daimler TSS composing and retouching, he also worked for Audi Magazine.

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