: Buenos Aires: Argentinafoto

Argentinafoto is developing a series of top-secret graphic projects that are about to hit the streets. Watch this space for more.

Latest news includes:

  • Juan Mathé completed still and film campaigns for Head & Shoulders and Gillete with a famous sports star for the Cravero Lanis agency. He is currently working on a beauty campaign for the American market with a new agency.
  • Marcos Lopez is preparing a campaign for Cepita (The Coca-Cola Company) and inaugurated 'Vuelo de Cabotaje' at the Castagnino Museum. The exhibition will go on to tour Paraná, Rosario, San Juan, Mendoza, Córdoba, Neuquén, La Plata and Buenos Aires. He is also working on the Ceferino Namuncura American Express Collection.
  • Dino Bruzzone is working on a new series of demos and mock-ups that will be part of a big exhibition planned for September 2010 at the Dabbah Torrejon Gallery.

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