Prague: Pavleye Artist Management and Production

Pavleye Artist Management and Production was founded by Jozef Pavleye 10 years ago in Prague. Since then, this boutique production studio and creative house represents the best local talent, as well as a number of international photographers. Additionally, Pavleye services many of the major production projects from top international photographers who come to Prague.

Artists on its roster include Anna Mrazek Kovacic, Miro Minarovych, Kurt Stallaert, Rene Radka, Boysplaynice, Susane Spiel, Prasad Naik, Marketa Pavleye and Anya Poulsen, as well as an exciting array of other talents - all offered as part of its art-buying service.

Pavleye represents Kurt Stallaert in Eastern Europe and America. One of the first campaigns produced in the US is D'USSE Cognac starring Jay-Z.

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