: Noelle Pickford

From the inimitable and sometimes surreal brilliance of David Stewart to the epic automotive landscapes of Carl Lyttle, Noelle is in the enviable position of representing a bevy of unbridled talent and creativity. David’s ‘Action Man’ poster for Land Rover with Jerry Hollens at RKCR/Y&R was a silver winner at this year’s Campaign Poster Awards. He also found himself in the final selections with Virgin and 118118 in two other categories. David will be exhibiting in the forthcoming Schweppes Portrait Awards at the National Portrait Gallery.

The breathtaking frozen vistas by Carl for Land Rover through RKCR/YR follow in the footsteps of his previous prestigious campaigns for Nissan, Mitsubishi and Renault to name but a few. Also showing some outstanding work at the Schweppes Portrait Awards is Paul Thompson with ‘Bumps’, a continuation of ‘Twins’, his winning shot of last year. Paul complements his beautifully honest and quirky portraiture with equally beguiling still life, recently shooting a series of cacti in varying degrees of hirsuteness for Philips Ladyshave through DDB.
Rob Fletcher at Isobel brought Jess Koppel and client Denby together this year to produce a mouth-watering array of images. Never has a bowl of chunky chips looked so inviting! Her exquisite use of light elevates food photography to deliciously new levels, combining an intrinsic sense of composition with unerring skill and good taste.   Rob White, blending his signature eye for
Taking us from the monolithic posters for Land Securities for William Murray Hamm through to the bejewelled gargoyles and silk-cushioned cinemas of that fantastic Peter Jones campaign, Angus Fraser captures architectural dynamism in the most unusual of landscapes.
And from the aesthetic heights of Angus to the sublime still life work of Sara Morris, whose recent shots for Breast Cancer Awareness for Rob Oliver at AMV have become some of the most distinctive, and perfectly pink, to date. Sara loves nothing more than being given the freedom to put her seemingly effortless creativity into a project.
Back in the office, Noelle and Clare, highly skilled in the art of production, remain cool and collected while lending themselves to a myriad of unearthly tasks, be it floating a Chrysler Crossfire in the middle of the Channel, or recreating a mini Sahara using 14 different types of cheese.  

design with an insatiable appetite for perfection of form and content, is currently bang on target for Hellmans through Lowes. Bucking the trend and finding harmony and happiness working with mainly children, is the well respected Matt Harris. Shooting for everyone under the sun, Matt recently took his own brood around the world to return with mountains of marvelous new work.

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