: Barcelona: Eva Armillas

"The 'Recovery' editorial was born following the launch of the Shoot Out contest. I immediately started to plan the shoot and contacted my team. David Naveira shared his styling concept with me requiring a very particular location that would show futuristic technological chaos. His idea fitted with my concept for the editorial, and from then on I started thinking of images that would have a strong appeal.

"The model is not wearing clothes but she is neither vulnerable nor naked. She wears only recycled elements where black and silver colours are predominant. The team did a wonderful job and showed off their professionalism working in adverse conditions.

"David Naveira was responsible for styling and location, surprising all of us with clothes and accessories made of recycled materials. Iván Gómez and his assistants, David López and Sonia Robles, made a wonderful job of make-up and hair styling. Chencho Alcalá collaborated with the team with his wonderful headdresses and Carles Font worked on post production.

"I would also like to highlight the work of the model, Lindsey Opso (Trend Models), who showed her great professionalism under intense cold."

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