: Cantabria [Spain]: Pablo Daniele

"The editorial 'El Taller de Luz' was born out of the idea of creating a story that is different from the usual concepts of fashion editorials, leaving dynamic and colourful scenarios behind and focusing on the expression of feelings.

"The inspiration comes from the daily life of those who work in the world of art, expressed in a visual metaphor. Our workplace, where we spend so many hours everyday, becomes a dark and gloomy cave. Isolated from the world, immersed in our own madness, we give free rein to our creativity, breaking the grey walls that confine us, waking up free with the light and brightness that emerge from our designs. It is our 'Studio of Light' - 'Taller de Luz'.

"The strong contrast between the greyness and the shining white dresses tries to transmit in every shot this concept of creation that allows us to create beauty out of a dark place."

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