Hamburg: Axis Mundi - Props & Furniture

Axis Mundi holds a treasure trove of cultural artefacts that are waiting to be used in the right film or photo shoot. Its objects are tacit performers that can be brought to life by filmmakers, production designers and interior stylists.

"We’d like to take you on a virtual journey through time, allowing you to stop off in any era you choose. It is our homage to every culture that has created objects of beauty. We’ve always been fascinated and inspired by the great masters of art, architecture and philosophy, such as Lao Tzu, Plato and Leonardo da Vinci, and by the rise and decline of great cultures.

"The medium of film, which is the modern method of storytelling, brings old tales to life before our eyes. It allows us to fill an empty space with objects and infuse these with life. Moving pictures are dear to us because they allow us to visually experience the stories that people have written down in books for centuries. We hope that the rooms at Axis Mundi will stimulate your imagination and help you to visualise cinematic scenes. We believe, and our work demonstrates, that artefacts from all epochs and cultures can co-exist in harmony.

"The myth of the axis mundi has existed for 5,000 years. It originated in Mesopotamia and spread throughout the world. We feel it is an honour to name our collection after this concept, which epitomises the ideal of ethics in action - in relation to ourselves and all the things of this world." Boris Kohn.

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