Lisbon: Slow Mood - Fine Art Props

Slow Mood - Fine Art Props has been in the Portuguese market for two years and is already established as "the place to go" when it comes to professional production equipment such as steamers, make-up mirrors, wardrobe racks, tables, chairs, tents, heaters, and much more.

The company also services film, video and TV art departments as well as photography prop stylists with special, unique props. Items include classic and contemporary designed pieces as well as special items such as pool tables, fire hydrants, parking metres, petrol station hoses, ball chairs and egg chairs, to name just a few.

Slow Mood is the only prop house in Portugal with a fully operating website, making coming up with ideas, inspiration and searching for props an easy and enjoyable process. Clients can collect, order or simply print out the items they want and control their budgets with a transparent pricing and discount system. Alternately, they can call into the company's warehouse located close to the airport and open 24/7.

Recent jobs include clients such as Stopline Productions, Page International, Yves Callewaert, Endemol Portugal, Claimsuccess and Gaby Correa Productions for brands like Vodafone Portugal, German Fashion Catalogue Wenz, Mercedes Benz and Portuguese Airline TAP.

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