Milan: Cinenoleggi Nane Group - Equipment & Services

Cinenane Group is a development of Cinenoleggi Nane, a Milanese film company offering equipment and services for cinema and television for more than 25 years.

Its new structure, extending over more than 2000 m², as well as new rental divisions - Nane Aerial+Stab and Tabletop Studio - make it possible to meet any requirement from film/television studios, film directors and cinematographers, enabling better collaboration with grips and electricians.

Cinenane Group designs structures and systems for fashion shows, show rooms, conventions and big events in cooperation with light designers and architects. The company supplies specialised personnel and on-line customer care; its quality is UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certificated and recognised by DNV Italia.

NANE A+S represents the technologically most advanced sectors of the group. The first Italian company capable of providing a complete stabilisation service from air, sea, and ground, Nane A+S offers a vast range of solutions and supporting services as well as specialised operators. Nane A+S provides a complete and tailored service for any kind of shoot.

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