London: Dale Reubin

South African-born photographer Dale Reubin lives in London and specialises in people and their movements both on location and in the studio.

Having an eye for the imperceptible, Dale has a love for what he calls "stylised portraiture" - something that makes his audience stop and wonder. He captures exciting moments of timing, colour and texture that create a raw visual impact.

His recent photography projects include 'Parkour:Colour', in which he explored the movement of parkour with explosions of colourful powder, and 'Amakwetas', a portrait series documenting the rituals of the Xhosa tribe in South Africa. "I value these portraits all the more when I consider the cost of being chased away by tribal elders after only 10 minutes!" he admits.

Embracing the convergence of stills and video, clients increasingly call on Dale to bring the same creative vision contained in his photographs to their video projects.

Visit his website for more information.

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