New York: Mitchel Gray

Mitchel Gray is a photographer and author with two best selling photo books to his credit, "The Lingerie Book" and "Lingerie Fantasies" (St. Martin’s Press). He has illustrated many more books, particularly in the active lifestyle and health and fitness field. He has photographed over fifty magazine covers, including about thirty for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, M & F Hers, Runner’s World, Mountain Bike, Bicycling, Fitness and more. 

He has shot many hundreds of magazine and ad pages for various publications or ad agencies around the world. Much of his portrait work in recent years has focused on sports celebrities ranging from Derek Jeter to Tom Brady and a whole lot of people in between. His fine art work has been shown in galleries in both the United States and Europe. His new fine art series, Bodies in Motion, has been featured in the National Art Museum of Sport and elements of it are shown here in the present issue of Production Paradise’s Sport Photography + Motion Magazine.

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