London: Peter Beavis Photography

Peter Beavis' work perfectly encapsulates the intensity and energy of his subjects. Spurred by a natural sense of adventure, Peter immerses himself in every environment to create a sense of comradeship with his subjects. This affords unprecedented access and leads to his uniquely candid and visual storytelling style.

Recent work has taken Peter to New York where he has run Parkour across the city. While there, he shot hoops in The Cage in Greenwich Village and captured the ferocity of handball in Brooklyn. He also photographed runners in Rio for Nike and found himself taking to the BMX Vert ramp back in the UK. Each of these mini adventures has produced a fresh collection of striking pictures. 

While every job holds a special place for Peter, his time in the Mentawai Islands with Alena Ehrenbold for Allianz Insurance sets itself apart as the ultimate gig, blending as it did his two personal passions of surfing and stunning imagery.

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