London: Barry Makariou Photographer

"I specialise in liquids and still life photography and am gradually using film to compliment my projects. I enjoy the challenges of both mediums. With stills I can say everything about the product in one amazing image; with film I get to tell my story and take the viewer on a journey.

Photography is just the beginning. I create unique images by using many elements and bringing your visions to life. I believe in creating something out of nothing, creating emotion an identity and most importantly being able to bring the most challenging products to life.

Recent work includes Nike, Peroni, Vodafone, Avios, Laimon Fresh, Gillette, Durex and Tom Ford.

My personal work forms most of my contributions to Gallery Stock, Getty, Corbis, and One Eyeland. Latest awards incluce One Eyeland and Graphis for advertising still life.''

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