New York: Adrian Mueller

During a recent shoot with Pepsi-Lipton for their new premium Pure Leaf Ice Tea, still life photographer Adrian Mueller’s meticulous attention to detail and his expert lighting skills were on full display. He was tasked to create a still life narrative of a Tea Master’s workbench, where handcrafted teas were made.

Adrian faced several challenges, besides keeping up with an ambitious schedule and complex lighting for each element. He had been given the old style bottle - which was a different shape - and a correctly shaped stand-in, which was a piece of acrylic. He also had to contend with the fact that the labels had to be added in post production, beneath the layer of condensation.

Having worked in such high pressure environments many times before, assembling all pieces of this 3D puzzle turned into a master class of still life lighting, to create natural and premium looking images without giving away the complexities of such a classic layout.

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