: Copenhagen: Mikkel Adsbol

"The most fascinating aspect of being a photographer is that every assignment is a matter of interpreting key words and giving them visual form. A form that highlights the assignment's commercial, aesthetic or editorial character. A form that captures things, places or individuals in time."

Mikkel Adsbol became an apprentice of one of Denmark's leading food photographers, giving him the chance to expand his professional horizons into advertising, lifestyle, home design, travel and portraiture.

"I feel privileged to be able to see the world through my lens. To interpret, relate and convey what I see. To see that the assignments are never the same. As a person, I am patient without being slow. Efficient without being hyper. Creative without being God. All I want is to give the various expressions that I work with their proper form. To carry out the assignment to the client's full satisfaction, ensuring a successful experience for both the sender and the recipient."

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