Boston: Russ Schleipman

As a kid, Russ Schleipman spent a good amount of time looking at his back yard through a viewfinder. He still does, but the back yard has no borders now, and he doesn’t always come home for dinner. His curiosity has pulled him to every corner of the planet. The images he brings home are the treasures he is most pleased to find.

With the eye of a designer, his images are bold and graphic, testimony to his  acute sense of composition. Russ feels there is no middle ground: it’s right or it’s not. He strives to ease, delight and surprise the viewer’s eye, and to merit the highest of compliments, which is that an image is painterly.

His work has taken him to all the warm continents. Africa has seduced him on many occasions, as have China and France. The French Government Tourist Board is a favourite client. The cold continents are also high on his list.

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