Los Angeles: Ric Frazier

With over 20 international awards to his credit, including multiple International Photography Award, Applied Arts, and Communication Arts awards, photographer and director Ric Frazier is one of the most skilled, experienced and versatile photographers specialising in water in the world.

He has redefined the art of underwater photography by shooting everything ranging from people, ocean life, and props, on specially built sets, in pools and in the oceans of the world; all in a unique style that is contemporary, yet timeless.

Ric’s photographic journey began with his passion for documenting the oceans. This led him to pursue his degree in Advertising and Undersea Photography at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.

As an advertising and editorial photographer with over 20 years of experience, Ric excels in problem solving and collaboration that leads to creative solutions, delivering successful campaigns for his clients such as Nike, MTV, McDonald's, O'Neill, Kodak, GQ and ESPN Magazine.

Furthermore, Ric likes to balance his hectic advertising career with personal work documenting the underwater life of Canadian Lakes. With a passion for creating photos that show innovations in light and movement, Ric reminds the viewer that water is not only comfort, but that it is energy, strength and life.

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