Jul 28

It´s a beauty! And drives like a dream!

Skylar Nielsen usually tells us a poetic story of his life via his photos but this time, he shares a story from the backstage, of how all that comes true. Is that the mixture of harshness of the deserts of Zion and the passion to be a sculptor, which planted his austere professionalism?

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Jul 22

Vegar Abelsnes and his team on the way to new production means


One of the main reasons for my successes is that I have an amazing team next to me. I have always preferred to work with friends, and I am fortunate to have some great friends that happens to be some of the best people in the business.

Jul 17

Mind-blowing car photography from all over the world


It’s time to make a special selection of some phenomenal shots that have been part of previous Car Photography Spotlight issues. Whether it’s Lamborghini, Porsche or Mercedes, we’ve covered the most beautiful and hottest automobiles!

Jul 8

The Creative Aspirations of a Premier Location and Production Company


Based in the magical hub for designers, photographers, models and events, Milan; Lupetta5 & BelowTheLine’s power of balancing and perfecting both services; location management and full production services have labeled their empire as the leading location management firm in Italy.

Jul 3

Zahara Reps: A photographer’s representation with heart and experience


“Photography basically is my life, at least the work part of it. I’ve been an agent and producer for more than 25 years and I can’t imagine what else I’d be doing if not this. It’s invigorating, challenging, frustrating at times, but extremely fulfilling to me. I love what I do.”

Jun 30

How Chicas Photo Production is making a famous location out of Curacao


We have an experienced production team that is hands-on, flexible, and who knows the island and its people

Jun 18

The magical side of CGI by DVH Creative Studios


Besides creating photorealism DVH Creative Studios also aims at high standards in composition and lighting, in this way implementing the essentials of image creation from photography and cinematography into CGI

Jun 15

Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2015 honors the best fashion film productions in it’s fourth edition


It’s time to reveal the best fashion film productions honored at this year’s Berlin fashion Film Festival.

Jun 9

Traveling through the experiences of a location scout with Green is Good


They don’t just research destinations and hit the road. They imagine, explore, connect and collaborate.

Jun 8

The environmental portraiture and evocative stories behind the images of Patryce Bak


” There are many elements to play with and decisions to be made, as what to include or exclude in order to most effectively convey a story “

Jun 5

Curve Digital: Story of a young and hard working Post Production team


” Our level of quality, accuracy and speed is balanced by our creativity, and our insane eagerness to surpass our client’s expectations “

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