Jun 30

How Chicas Photo Production is making a famous location out of Curacao

We have an experienced production team that is hands-on, flexible, and who knows the island and its people

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Jun 18

The magical side of CGI by DVH Creative Studios


Besides creating photorealism DVH Creative Studios also aims at high standards in composition and lighting, in this way implementing the essentials of image creation from photography and cinematography into CGI

Jun 15

Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2015 honors the best fashion film productions in it’s fourth edition


It’s time to reveal the best fashion film productions honored at this year’s Berlin fashion Film Festival.

Jun 9

Traveling through the experiences of a location scout with Green is Good


They don’t just research destinations and hit the road. They imagine, explore, connect and collaborate.

Jun 8

The environmental portraiture and evocative stories behind the images of Patryce Bak


” There are many elements to play with and decisions to be made, as what to include or exclude in order to most effectively convey a story “

Jun 5

Curve Digital: Story of a young and hard working Post Production team


” Our level of quality, accuracy and speed is balanced by our creativity, and our insane eagerness to surpass our client’s expectations “

May 29

Smoke & Mirrors: An insight into their personal post production procedure


Smoke & Mirrors talked to us about their work world wide, their personal post production procedure and their huge network of professionals and its advantages.

May 20

How to tell great stories with Cinematographer Jesse Eisenhardt


To see the amazing Internet response was jaw-dropping. None of us had any idea while were filming that it would become a viral hit. A lot went right with this project…

May 19

Fashion photography through the eyes of Rudy Shoushany


I had to look at what makes me different… nowadays it’s easier to become a photographer than it was back in the day. So I had to learn the techniques and rules and really break them!

May 19

World’s best food photos unwrapped at Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2015 Award ceremony


Presenting the delectable winners of the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2015, including the winner our very own Production Paradise Food off the Press category.

May 18

Lisa Pritchard on running a successful agency and being a source of inspiration for photographers


Many shoots can be challenging as they sometimes have unrealistic expectations

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