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“Production Paradise is a vital tool for our industry, you also have some very tenacious and persuasive staff! We are always encouraged by you to be part of any promotion that you’re doing. We like your global reach and your presentation. We’re also happy to have been a member for 12 years, so thank you for the opportunities! Here’s to all our future successes.”

Kim Pappas, Process, London

“Investing a significant amount of our marketing budget in Production Paradise paid off quickly. We've got big projects from Germany and China and requests from many international clients who found us through the Production Paradise Directory and Magazines.”

Joaquín Martínez, CaixaPro, Mexico City

“It is very important to show off your work and make it visible for your potential clients. Production Paradise has been a huge help to do this and I am sure I will keep relying on Production Paradise to expose my work to the world.”

Hiro K, Photographer, Tokyo

“Through Production Paradise, you can really build and follow visual trends around the world. I’ve been using it for years.”

Chiara Zennaro, Condé Nast - Glamour, Milan

“Production Paradise gets our images in front of all the right people, and that’s all you can ask of a promotional tool. If you’re doing good stuff and you put it in the Production Paradise ''window'', the phone will ring.”

Matt Harris, Photographer, London

“Thanks for making such a great tool for us! Recently your website was very helpful when we were looking for a lifestyle photographer for Head & Shoulders. On Production Paradise we found and worked with a German photographer on a great shoot in Dubai. I use your site on a weekly basis when looking for new talent for a specific type of photography. I also use it as general inspiration, to see what is out there and to keep up to date.”

Andrea Guimet, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai

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