canada Jun 2024


FUZE Reps Toronto Photo Agents & Production

Founded 20 years ago, FUZE Reps is a women-owned and operated, full-service management and production agency.

"We represent award-winning diverse photographers & directors, and CGI artists, offering customised expert support for each project's unique needs.

Our goal is to ensure smooth communication and technical execution, fostering meaningful relationships with artistic integrity at the core of our business. We constantly evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We handle all aspects of project management and production, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish and each project benefits from a team specifically tailored to its unique requirements.

We represent a wide range of creatives, from emerging talent to established artists, providing award-winning visual solutions.

Our team is committed to maintaining artistic integrity while delivering innovative and impactful visual content. At FUZE Reps, we prioritise fostering meaningful relationships and evolving with the industry's dynamic landscape. Our dedication to understanding and adapting to client needs ensures that we remain at the forefront of creative visual solutions."

Blue Amber Production Canada - Hawaii Full Photo & Film Production Services

Blue Amber is a production, casting and locations company with headquarters in Vancouver and Hawaii; supporting agencies, brands, creatives and producers.

Exploring Canada's vibrant production landscape is a Blue Amber specialty. They make every shoot, whether out in the backcountry or in a studio, feel like a place where everyone belongs. Their team prioritises inclusivity, professionalism, environmental responsibility, and fun!

"Finding hidden gems is our passion - scouting snow in summer, discovering new ski chalets, alpine lakes, and epic views!"

Founder, executive producer, Amber Palson has decades of experience producing in NYC, Hawaii and Canada; working with top industry names, brands and publications: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and O Magazine; Madewell, Victoria’s Secret, Zimmermann, J.Crew, Urban Outfitters and Nike.

Recent collaborations shot in Canada, include Reebok, Athleta, Nautica and Zara. Authorised to work in Canada and the USA, BAP ensures seamless operations wherever the project may take them.

Flatblack Alberta photo production

"Welcome to Flatblack and welcome to Alberta, Canada!"

Flatblack is your one-stop-shop for everything stills production. Flatblack is based in The Foothills of The Canadian Rocky Mountains.

"Flatblack is a full service stills production company. We can assist you with everything, from location scouting, permitting and locations management; equipment rentals and sourcing; talent casting; accommodations and transportation; catering and craft services.

Please feel free to reach anytime with questions or concerns, and we would be happy to address them for you."

CoPilot Productions Montreal photo production

CoPilot Productions: production servicing foreign projects in Canada from coast (Atlantic) to coast (Pacific) to coast (Arctic).

"Canada’s low dollar and amazing production value has continued to help keep us busy in these uncertain inflationary times.

Here is a quick look at what we have been up to so far since our last spotlight update so far this year:

A TVC / photoshoot combo for the Environment and Climate Change Canada government ministry.

A TVC / photoshoot combo for Barilla pasta with the composer of the 'White Lotus' tv series.

One awesome four-day photoshoot for a fashion client highlighting Montreal’s European vibe.

One full segment of the 'Chrysalides' feature documentary filmed in the Lofoten, Senja and Tromso islands of Northern Norway.

And much more work that, unfortunately, our NDAs prevent us to share until their respective publications."

Mark Gilchrist Winnipeg advertising photographers

Mark Gilchrist is an award-winning still life photographer based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Specialising in product advertising, Mark aims to create thoughtful and impactful images to effectively promote products or businesses.

Paula Wilson Toronto advertising photographers

Paula Wilson is an award winning commercial photographer with a genuine love of food and a passionate eye for detail.

She has over 20 years of professional experience collaborating with food brands, International QSR’s, ad agencies, chefs, restaurants and hotels.

Paula’s strong collaborative skills and vibrant creative energy inspire creativity and harmony in every project. She uses her refined lighting skills and expertise in composition and design to consistently create visually compelling images that highlight the beauty and uniqueness of every subject.

Her team offers exceptional digital, video, and retouching services along with a talented network of stylists and designers.

Her clients include McDonald's, Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut, Daiya and Kellogg's.

Genevieve Caron Toronto advertising photographers

Toronto-based photographer Genevieve Caron believes in the arresting power of a well-crafted, iconic image, where every element is treated as equally important, spontaneity is central and people have a commanding presence. Her memorable images are invariably a source for an inspiring story to unfold in the viewer’s imagination.

While she plans her projects meticulously, she intentionally creates space for discovery, during every shoot. Her approach is process-based, and she engages and inspires everyone on her team to partake in the creative voyage, together.

Committed to creativity and originality, Genevieve keeps honing her craft and shooting personal projects, the most recent one having been shot in India. For that project she wanted to capture the grace of its people, as they go about their daily activities. She envisioned simple scenarios where the relationships between the sacred and the profane, between traditions, myths, beliefs and rituals would emerge. She also directed and produced an eight-minute video portrait of artist Ljubodrag Andric.

With a commercial career spanning over 20 years, Geneviève has partnered with numerous award-winning agencies internationally, to create unique visual language for several Fortune 500 companies.

Genevieve's recent projects include Buick’s 2024 American campaign shot in California, Pfeizer’s child vaccine’s global campaign, and Zoryve American launch, both shot in Toronto.

Plexman Studio Toronto advertising photographers

Located in Toronto but shooting across Canada and around the world; Matthew Plexman shoots people: in his studio, at their office, in a factory or warehouse, relaxing in their hotel room or walking in a vineyard.

Creating images that reflect people being themselves: Matthew shows the warmth and connections that people create when they are with others at home, at work or when they are relaxing and getting away.

With an experienced production team, Plexman Studios strives to ensure that your vision is realised.

Alex Waber Vancouver advertising photographers

Alex Waber is a commercial photographer specialising in fashion, product, and lifestyle photography with 15 years of experience.

His work has been internationally published, including in Vogue, Wired, Complex, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and Montecristo. He has shot for brands such as Arc'teryx, SECTION 35, Tilley, Roots, and Purple Brand Denim.

Alex grew up with a camera in his hands, learning first from his father, a portrait and landscape photographer, before studying cinematography and later studio and darkroom photography in his hometown of Vancouver. He has managed a commercial studio for over a decade, where he has honed his keen eye for lighting and composition.

He loves projects that start with an empty set and build with props and backgrounds to become a new world. Living next to a natural playground, his work (and play) often takes him into the mountains, a perfect way to spend a day.

Malek Fayoumi Montreal car & transportation photographers

Malek Fayoumi's unwavering dedication to his automotive photography journey remains evident as he delves deeper into directing car films and potentially TVCs. His seamless transition between photography and directing underscores his versatility and expertise in the automotive industry.

Take a look at this short film he directed for Ferrari Dubai, showcasing the Ferrari Purosangue across the UAE. He also wrapped up a busy and successful year with a massive hoarding campaign for Nissan, prominently displayed on Dubai's most iconic roads.

Currently, Malek is engaged with Mazda and other automakers in Canada and Dubai, strategising for their upcoming campaigns in 2024. His commitment to excellence and creative vision continue to drive his success in both directing and photography.