Spotlight awards for photographic excellence

Spotlight awards For photographic excellence

Show your photos to judges from Tommy Hilfiger, Nestle, Puma, Harper's Bazaar, Starbucks, GREY, McCann, BBDO & more.

Photo: Astrid M. Obert Photography


Put your work in front of international expert judges who are managing billions of dollars of marketing budgets

Whether you’re a winner in the competition or not, if a judge likes what you do, you could get hired.

  • Angela Affinita Angela Affinita Head of Creative and Production The Walt Disney Company UK
  • Leigh Andersen Leigh Andersen Founder/Agent SIBLING ARTISTS USA
  • Gaetana Angiolin Gaetana Angiolin Head of Marketing & Communication Italy Tommy Hilfiger Italy
  • Cameron Barnum Cameron Barnum Sr. Content Producer | Art Buyer BBDO San Francisco USA
  • Angela Bassichetti Angela Bassichetti Creative Director Latin America at Turner Time Warner Brazil
  • Hayley Baxter Hayley Baxter Art Buyer Hogarth-Ogilvy South Africa
  • Philipp Bierbaum Philipp Bierbaum Managing Partner DAMM & BIERBAUM Germany
  • Ryan Brambles Ryan Brambles Motorsport PR Manager Honda Motor Europe United Kingdom
  • Davor Brkan Davor Brkan Art Buyer Jung von Matt Germany
  • Tomás Caetano Tomás Caetano Exec Director Global Brand & Marketing Borgward Group AG Germany
  • Laurent Camilleri Laurent Camilleri Art Buyer Publicis 133 France
  • Jean Cazals Jean Cazals Photographer United Kingdom
  • David Cooper David Cooper Photo Director Parents Magazine USA
  • Mariska Dahlke Mariska Dahlke Senior Marketing Manager Shüco International KG Germany
  • Laurent Dailloux Laurent Dailloux Regional Strategic Buyer for Marketing Content Production Nestlé Switzerland
  • Caroline Drischel Caroline Drischel Head of Brand Management and Communication Development Swiss International Air Lines Switzerland
  • Fabrizio Fazzari Fabrizio Fazzari Editor Sagep Editori Italy
  • Pablo Ferrari Pablo Ferrari Group Creative Director BBDO Mexico
  • Anne Franke Anne Franke Art Buyer GREY Germany
  • Toru Fujii Toru Fujii Senior Creative Director ADK Tokyo Japan
  • Stefano Gruarin Stefano Gruarin Art Buyer Prodigious-Publicis Groupe Italy
  • Kai Herzberger Kai Herzberger Director DACH + EMEA | eCommerce & Transformational Retail Facebook Germany
  • Roman Hoffmann Roman Hoffmann Marketing Manager Dedo Weigert Film Germany
  • Lara Huck Lara Huck Photo Editor DIE ZEIT Germany
  • Sungwon Jee Sungwon Jee Director Hyundai Creative Works South Korea
  • Victoire Kaiser Victoire Kaiser Art Buyer Prodigious Worldwide - Publicis One Belgium
  • Laura Kersell Laura Kersell Creative Director Adobe Studio at Adobe USA
  • Sophia Leong Sophia Leong Head of Creative Studio Starbucks China
  • James Li James Li Senior Creative Director McCann Beauty China
  • Jaslyn Loh Jaslyn Loh Executive Producer Amanacliq China
  • Fouad Abdel Malak Fouad Abdel Malak Exec Creative Director TBWA/Raad United Arab Emirates
  • Josephine Munis Josephine Munis CMO Candy Lab AR USA
  • Ignacio Murillo Ignacio Murillo Associate Photography and Bookings Editor Harper's Bazaar USA
  • Tony Naudts-Ducène Tony Naudts-Ducène Creative Direction & Art Direction Strategie agency Belgium
  • Mbuso Ndlovu Mbuso Ndlovu Director of Creative Development Avatar Agency South Africa
  • Toni Paciello Toni Paciello Photo Director Shape Magazine USA
  • Silvia Pavan Silvia Pavan Global Marketing & Communication Director Giuseppe Zanotti Design Italy
  • Thomas Payne Thomas Payne Group Photo Editor Popular Science/Saveur Magazine USA
  • Serena Pederiva Serena Pederiva Head of Marketing, South Europe Diesel Italy
  • Jonathan Phillips Jonathan Phillips Marketing Support Photography and Digital Asset Manager Marriott International USA
  • Kate Phillips Kate Phillips Photo Editor Country Living USA
  • Martin Queirolo Martin Queirolo Marketing Director Latin America PUMA Chile
  • Monica Rauch Monica Rauch Head of Knorr Masterbrand Europe Unilever Netherlands
  • Francesco Risso Francesco Risso Creative Director Marni Italy
  • Federico Russi Federico Russi VP of Creative Leo Burnett Mexico
  • Paula Sabater Paula Sabater Creative Director Havas Worldwide Spain
  • Deena Shareena Deena Shareena Art Buyer eg+ Worldwide Singapore
  • Rebecca Simpson Steele Rebecca Simpson Steele Photo Director Reader's Digest USA
  • Paul Stechmesser Paul Stechmesser Manager - Design The Coca-Cola Company USA
  • Lawrence Steele Lawrence Steele Associative Creative Director Marni Italy
  • Emiliana Torrens Emiliana Torrens CEO Buenos Aires POSSIBLE Argentina
  • Loyiso Twala Loyiso Twala Creative Director FCB Africa South Africa
  • Jens Petter Waernes Jens Petter Waernes Creative Director Goodby Silverstein & Partners USA
  • Angela Woods Angela Woods Lead Agent AWA Represents United Kingdom
  • Chiara Zennaro Chiara Zennaro Senior Photo Editor Condé Nast Glamour Italy

Commercial categories

Covering all sectors of commercial photography

The competition has 13 advertising categories with a prize pool of over $60,000

  • Advertising
    • Diego Arrigoni Diego Arrigoni
    • Christof van der Walt Christof van der Walt
    • Glen Wexler Glen Wexler
    • Jeff Harris Jeff Harris
  • Fashion
    • Santiago Ruiseñor Santiago Ruiseñor
    • Astrid Obert Astrid Obert
    • James Fisher James Fisher
    • Irene Sekulic Irene Sekulic
  • Architecture & Interiors
    • Gregory Pierce Gregory Pierce
    • Brett Bulthuis Brett Bulthuis
    • Howard Kingsnorth Howard Kingsnorth
    • Mika Huisman Mika Huisman
  • Beauty
    • Bruno Juminer Bruno Juminer
    • Elena Paraskeva Elena Paraskeva
    • Julia Kuzmenko Julia Kuzmenko
    • Simon Songhurst, rep. by JSR Simon Songhurst, rep. by JSR
  • Cars
    • Anton Watts, rep. by Catherine Collins Anton Watts, rep. by Catherine Collins
    • Arnaud Taquet Arnaud Taquet
    • Dom Romney Dom Romney
    • Oliver Paffrath, rep. by JSR Oliver Paffrath, rep. by JSR
  • Corporate & Industrial
    • Roe Photo Roe Photo
    • Jasper James Studio Jasper James Studio
    • Christian Vorhofer Christian Vorhofer
    • Casey Templeton Casey Templeton
  • Food & Drink
    • Lett Studio Lett Studio
    • Ryan Ball Ryan Ball
    • Malou Burger - rep. by VUE Malou Burger - rep. by VUE
    • Phil Sills Phil Sills
  • Kids
    • Miriam Lindthaler - Petit Pomme Miriam Lindthaler - Petit Pomme
    • Dorit Guenther Dorit Guenther
    • Allie Cotrill Allie Cotrill
    • David Handley David Handley
  • People & Lifestyle
    • Brian Cummings Brian Cummings
    • Matthew Joseph Matthew Joseph
    • Ian & Erick Ian & Erick
    • Manuel Archain, rep. by JSR Manuel Archain, rep. by JSR
  • Portraiture & Celebrity
    • Robert Wilson Robert Wilson
    • Shamil Tanna Shamil Tanna
    • Emily Assiran Emily Assiran
    • Adam Lawrence Adam Lawrence
  • Sport
    • Cyril Masson Cyril Masson
    • Jon Shard Jon Shard
    • Alex Buschor Alex Buschor
    • Michael Scott Slosar Michael Scott Slosar
  • Travel, Documentary & Landscape
    • Mark Lehn Mark Lehn
    • Jasper James Jasper James
    • Marina Kloes Marina Kloes
    • Christopher Willan Christopher Willan
  • Still Life
    • Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson
    • Leo Acker Leo Acker
    • Omer Knaz, rep. by JSR Omer Knaz, rep. by JSR
    • Chris Howlett Photography Chris Howlett Photography
Images featured are the latest covers from Spotlight Magazine.

Special categories

For emerging talents & new trends

If you’re a student, rising star or you have an amazing talent for capturing the attention of others with your mobile device camera, then this is for you!

  • Shot on mobile
    Captivating a social media audience
    • Nikita Ignatev Nikita Ignatev
    • Rob Walsh Rob Walsh
    • Scott Goodwill Scott Goodwill
    • Creative Exchange Creative Exchange
  • Emerging Talent / Students
    Every picture has a story
    • Alexander Popov Alexander Popov
    • Benjamin Voros Benjamin Voros
    • Jose Moreno Jose Moreno
    • Matthew Fassnacht Matthew Fassnacht

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