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French Hours Amsterdam Full Photo & Film Production Services

"French Hours as our company name reflects a work style that's continuously productive and efficient, similar to a film set where work flows nonstop without scheduled breaks. Don't worry, we'll take breaks and always have great catering.

This represents our drive for innovation, flexibility in adapting to challenges, and a dynamic approach to all our projects.

We work closely with diverse makers. From the initial concept to the final product, we manage every aspect with precision.

Our team thrives on turning challenges into golden opportunities, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our services include a range of creative productions such as photography, commercials, digital content, and events.

Navigating the complexity of a full production can be daunting. At French Hours, we specialise in transforming this challenge into a seamless experience. Our expertise covers every stage of the process - from the initial concept and pre-production planning to the on-site production and post-production magic. Trust us to bring your vision to life, handling every detail with skill and creativity."

Heroes Photo & Film Agency Amsterdam - Madrid Full Photo & Film Production Services

"With more than a decade of operation, at Heroes Agency we provide a specialised team of highly experienced and skilled professionals to create powerful consistent images that reflect your core brand values. We offer visual answers to help you achieve success in your projects and advertising campaigns. Our assignments are equally divided between studio and location shoots.

Directed by Martin and Ludo, we are capable of shooting and managing any size of project: from simple product shots to multinational location productions.

We deliver high-end digital images as part of a complete creative strategy for our clients.

Based in The Netherlands and Spain, we travel throughout the world covering advertising or client direct assignments.

We are passionate about bringing from a simple idea, a sensation, a dream, a memory… to a new reality.

We are HEROES, photo & film agency. We create images."

Ila Studio Antwerp - Paris Photographers' & Directors' Agents + Photo & Film Production

ILA studio is a full-service production agency based in Antwerp and Paris, with global operations. Featuring a strong roster of both emerging and established visual creatives, ILA provides tailor-made art-buying services and production support for brands and creative agencies. With over a decade of experience, ILA is your one-stop shop for bringing ideas to life. Whether you need the finest locations and crews in the Benelux region or are seeking the best creative minds, ILA has you covered.

Explore ILA’s recent projects in this Showcase, feauturing their work with national athletes and fashion brands to enhance their brand image through matchmaking creative profiles and offering top-notch production services.

Contact Bo to get to know the team!

Thomas van Schaik Photography Amsterdam still life photographers

Thomas van Schaik is a highly skilled studio photographer hailing from Amsterdam. He possesses expertise in capturing captivating still life, product, design, and occasional food photography. With a meticulous and human touch, he ensures that each product he photographs shines brilliantly.

His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with renowned clients such as Philips, JBL, VIVO, DelushFragrances, and numerous prestigious magazines. Additionally, his personal projects have gained recognition in the photography community, earning him accolades in the Dutch photographers awards.

While primarily known for his expertise in studio photography, thomas also enjoys shooting on location, further diversifying his creative range.

Kyla Elaine Amsterdam still life photographers

Based in Amsterdam, Kyla Elaine is a talented photographer whose recent accolades from the International Photography Awards, PX3, and One Eyeland speak volumes of her skill.

Specialising in still life, lifestyle, and product photography, Kyla doesn't just excel in these areas; she thrives in them, using them as canvases for her boundless creativity. From conceptualisation to post-production, she meticulously oversees every step, ensuring perfection.

Her recent collaborations with renowned brands like Loops Earplugs, Tommy Hilfiger, Polaroid, Cenomi, and Zalando attest to her ability to infuse her artistic flair into diverse visual narratives. Yet, Kyla's creativity extends beyond commercial ventures; she constantly explores personal projects, often experimenting with organic materials, each one showcasing her unwavering passion for the craft.

hans pieterse Amsterdam still life photographers

Hans Pieterse is based in Amsterdam and operates a fully equipped, versatile creative photo studio. This studio serves as the platform for various photography projects and disciplines, including product photography, art photography, still life, and high-end photography. It’s the place where creative concepts are born or executed in collaboration with advertising agencies.

The combination of camera expertise and sophisticated lighting techniques ensures that his photographs are renowned worldwide. Think of print campaigns for brands like Adidas, Nike, Asics, and limited edition shoes for Zeeman, as well as the Grand Prestige beer bottles featured in Hertog Jan’s ads, and even Bugaboo’s entire line of strollers.

Transitioning from photography to stop-motion was a natural progression for Hans. What started as a creative experiment with images has evolved into a specialisation. The videos began as personal projects but quickly gained attention from advertising agencies and businesses, such as Bugaboo and Goldbergh.

Bram Declercq Brussels Advertising Photographers & Directors

Based in Belgium, Bram Declercq creates both creative and commercial images.

Utilising techniques from various fields of photography, Bram crafts his images with a focus on light and form, fundamental elements in all photography. His work is known for its purity and aesthetic quality, producing timeless visuals that naturally draw attention to the key elements in each shot.

With over 20 years of experience in studio and lifestyle photography, Bram's keen eye for detail and commitment to uncompromising quality continue to guide him through the ever-evolving landscape of photography.

Rene Mesman Amsterdam Food & Still Life Photographers

Rene Mesman, an Amsterdam-based photographer, excels in food and design photography.

His remarkable skills have attracted high-profile clients such as Adidas, De Bijenkorf, Hema, and McDonald's, who trust him with their projects. His stunning work has appeared in prestigious publications like The New York Times, Elle Decoration, Linda Magazine, MacGuffin, Volkskrant Magazine, and in books like 'Lekker Fred' by Freddy Tratlehner and 'Een keuken van de Lage Landen' by Joris Bijdendijk.

Rene's passion for design is reflected in his distinct and personal style. Whether he is capturing interiors, products, or food, he infuses his photographs with warmth and texture, creating captivating visual experiences.

Barcino Management Europe Model Agency #MORETHANMODELS

"Finding the perfect talent for your project is not an easy task. Fortunately, at Barcino, we have the ideal formula to help you with this.

Explore our latest campaigns and discover our newly released talents across Europe."