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Kindly Productions New York photo production

Kindly Productions is a full-service production company with extensive experience in New York City, Los Angeles, across the United States, and around the world.

"Motion or stills, our work spans industries from automotive, tech, and sports to apparel, celebrity, and fashion. With the ever-growing demand for content, we are always prepared to push ourselves and find creative and practical solutions for any project.

Broadcast, social media, editorial and advertising: our wide-ranging client list includes Google, Time Magazine, Lululemon, Tatcha, Netflix, Royal Caribbean, Sports Illustrated, Under Armour, Rolling Stone, The Cut, Samsung, Toyota, WSJ Magazine, Calvin Klein, Mazda, Verizon, Disney, and more.

Our aim is to always meet any needs in a collaborative space with good vibes from start to finish."

Vagabond Films New York Full Commercial Production & Services

Vagabond Films is a leading production service company in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.

Vagabond offers accurate scheduling and budgeting services, as well as comprehensive booking of locations, casting, local crews, facilities, and equipment.

"Over the years we have worked with the most important clients and production companies around the world, having produced many award-winning commercials, feature films, documentaries, and music videos. Our offices in seven countries allow us to cover all kinds of landscapes and locations that can mirror practically any place in the world.

Our leading full-production house offers a complete range of services for all types of projects offering exclusive advantages. We save our clients’ time by multi-bidding in several countries, always looking for the best location for creativity and the budget. The same executive producer is on the job; from the pitch, throughout the shoot, and all the way to the wrap."

Recent projects include P&G, Huawei, BYD, Coca-Cola, Nespresso, Berkshire Hathaway, EarnIn, and featured in this Spotlight, Volvo.

Clients: Backyard, Iconoclast, Knucklehead, Mayda, The Mill, Outsider, Pulse, Rogue, Scholar, SKUNK, Smuggler, Somesuch, Logitech, Netflix, Lomepal, Coca-Cola, Nespresso, Volvo, Delta, Lexus.

Pro One Productions, Inc. Florida - USA Full Photo & Film Production Services

Pro One Productions, Inc. is a full service production company based in the heart of Miami, a city that offers ideal settings for still photography and film, media and events. The company was founded in 1998 by Gerrit Kretz and has since grown to be a recognised name in the production industry.

Pro One also offers its extensive production experience in other great destinations around the world, such as New York, L.A, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Charlotte, The Florida Keys and The Bahamas.

"Our goal is to provide the best production service available, including location scouting, production management, model castings, permits and budgeting. We specialise in the successful organisation of advertising, catalogue, editorial, and film shoots and the variety of locations we offer will surpass all your expectations. Tell us exactly what you are looking for and we will find it for you!"

Recent clients include Adidas, Bentley, BMW, Boden, Bosch, Gerry Weber, JC Penney, Marie Claire, Neiman Marcus, Mercedes-Benz, Seiko and Universal Music Group, among others.

Freddy Clark New York food & drink photographers

Freddy Clark is a commercial advertising photographer based in the New York City area, specialising in capturing vibrant photographs that make drinks look so enticing you’ll want to reach in and drink them. His work is highly detailed and has been described as "taken right out of a sexy speakeasy lounge".

With a passion for studio work and collaborating with clients, he brings a contagious excitement to every project. His mastery of both artificial and natural lighting ensures captivating photography that will elevate your campaign to new heights. Whether he is creating splashes and pours or working with Artificial Intelligence and video screens, photographs will be cutting edge yet timeless.

Call +1 732-666-8012 to talk about your needs.

Peter Baiamonte New York advertising photographers

Peter Baiamonte is based in New York City. He wants to tell you a story, give you a glimpse of a place, and communicate a sense of meaning with his images. He loves to reveal the personality of his subjects.

A native New Yorker, Peter Baiamonte has worked in the photo industry since the mid-90s, accumulating many years of crew work before moving into his own projects.

Peter’s work includes many styles and disciplines: portraiture, lifestyle, landscape, travel, and sports, among others. He splits his time between New York City and the Massachusetts Berkshires, working regularly with clients in New York and Boston as well as the entirety of New England.

Work in this Showcase includes recent work for University of the Pacific. The subjects were business students, on tour in New York City, meeting contacts at several financial firms. Other work includes new images for Wyckoff Heights Medical Center and Saranko, a design firm; a cover photo from a shoot for Berkshire Magazine; an image from a shoot used to populate a new website for investment firm First Manhattan Co., and coverage for Fullstory, an information technology company.

Brent Herrig New York - London advertising photographers

"Hello, creatives in NYC!

Capturing your audience’s attention amidst the digital noise requires compelling visuals. Eye-catching images that stop the scroll and spark curiosity are essential to engage viewers. As an expert in food and drink photography and video, including cinemagraphs, parallax, stop-motion, and animated GIFs, I’ve brought countless campaigns to life, engaging digital audiences for my clients.

With Brent Herrig Creative, I’m dedicated to helping you exceed your clients’ expectations by transforming their vision into appetising, breathtaking imagery. Top brands like Belvedere, Regal Cinema, Pepsi, and Shake Shack trust me to capture their vision for food, drinks, portraits, and hospitality in a seamless, stress-free way.

Based in New York and London, I shoot globally and handle productions of all sizes. Ready to elevate your next project with stunning visuals? Reach out to discuss your creative goals, and let’s create amazing food and drink imagery together."

John Grande New York still life photographers

John Grande, a photographer based in NYC, specialises in still life for advertising.

With a keen fascination for light and shadow, John is an expert rigger and set tinkerer. He is also a master retoucher with extensive experience in the advertising industry.

His recent work includes commercial projects for Kraft Heinz brands like Lunchables. Personal projects feature backlit snack foods, such as the showcased photos of chips and crackers.

John operates from his studio on West 28th Street in Manhattan.

Matt Zugale New York - Philadelphia advertising photographers

Inspired by the ever-changing mood, color, and motion on the streets of New York, Matt's commercial work marries an understanding of light and controlled chaos within his frame. He fosters an environment of improvisation and approachability and encourages his subjects to collaborate in his work.

His portfolio boasts a diverse range of clients, from global finance firms to art summer camps, Burger King to GoFundMe, most of whom return year after year. The warm, inviting quality of his photography draws viewers in, inviting them to experience the captured moments firsthand.

With an approachable and collaborative style, Matt ensures that each project is a true reflection of the unique locations and personalities it portrays.

Mayo Studios New York rental studios

Mayo Studios is the leading production studio in New York City, complete with an in-house set shop.

It boasts over 10,000 square feet of shooting space, perfect for productions of any size. The studio’s in-house team can build custom sets tailored to your needs. Additionally, their extensive prop collection includes hundreds of pieces of furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Studio highlights:

  • 10,000 sq ft shooting space, 14-foot ceiling height
  • 2 Standing House sets available
  • 3-Phase 300 AMP power
  • North and East exposure, blackout capable
  • Private conference area and mobile wardrobe area
  • Pressing tables and tailoring area with steamers
  • Dedicated freight elevator with 24/7 access
  • HVAC throughout

Mayo Studios’ versatile space is designed to meet the specific needs of any production.

Located in Long Island City, Mayo Studios is just minutes from midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, easily accessible via the 7, E, M, R, and G trains. Metered on-street parking is available. The studio is also neighbors with two major prop houses, Newel Props and Prop-n-Spoon, located in the same building.

For more information on creative or production support, contact Mayo to explore their additional services.