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Reload + Co Australia Talents' Management, Photo & Film Production

Reload+co is an Australian-based production company, representing a select group of photographers and directors. They specialise in advertising campaign production and offer their expertise across the fields of stills photography and film.

The Reload+co team are known for their unique approach to production and offer both clients and artists alike a wealth of knowledge of the entire industry. The agency’s impressive talent roster, backed by a strong team of producers means they are able to offer clients the very best creative expertise in every aspect of the industry. All are committed to pushing creative boundaries and can coordinate every step of the process.

Reload+co create content specifically tailored to meet clients print and digital needs. They offer a full service experience from pre-production to post, for projects of any size. Their photographers and directors are based in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Europe, and work across a variety of disciplines.

Photoplay Photography Sydney Full Photo & Film Production Services

Photoplay Photography is a premier agency representing a diverse range of leading image makers across various creative disciplines, including photographic stills, motion and visual arts. The commitment is to the continuous evolution of artists’ careers and to producing work the highest quality for agencies and clients.

Photoplay Photography operates as an agile production company. Highly responsive to market demands it offers a comprehensive range of production services including large scale commercial photographic shoots, film and digital content creation, bespoke location scouting and casting with a specialised team of senior producers who ensure the highest standards across every production.

Flint Sydney Talent Representation and Full Service Production

“Flint's producers play a pivotal role as the driving force behind our artists and as international line producers. Their intimate understanding of the current media and production landscape, empowers our producers to deliver the most fitting production solutions to our clients.

We work with a variety of clients and our production services are available on a small or large scale: advertising and content agencies, direct clients, local and international photographers and directors, international production companies shooting in Australia.

Services we offer: budgeting, crew sourcing and booking, call sheets and scheduling, casting, talent management, catering, customs, drones & drone operator, equipment rentals, line producing, location scouting, permitting & management, post production and retouching, set building, studio hire and much more.

We’re conscious of the environment and how Flint can play its part in making sure our productions are eco-friendly.

We love the opportunity to work with clients on an idea from the ground up; being involved from initial concept through to final deliverables allows us to bring our clients' visions to life in the most impactful and authentic way possible.”

Aneta Laura Australia cosmetics photographers

Aneta Laura is a Melbourne-based commercial photographer specialising in the beauty and wellness sectors. She has gained strong graphic design and visual communication skills throughout her academic background that now allow her to combine realistic elements with out-of-the-box visual ideas.

Defining her photographic style as 'bold minimalism', she focuses on creating a visual experience that speaks to the right audience. This unique perspective has made her an invaluable asset within the rapidly evolving beauty industry.

Some of her recent work involved numerous skincare, haircare and makeup products for various industry-leading companies such as Bondi Sands, Sundae Body, SKYN and Dr Naomi, to name a few.

Amanda Aitken Photography New Zealand Interior & Architecture Photographers

"Seeking light and framing is a total obsession – camera in hand or not. I'm drawn to finding beauty, clarity, connection and form. While architecture and interiors are my specialty, I have a strong focus in industrial and brand photography.

At the age of 14, I started in the photo lab, printing in the days of film. After moving to London in 2002, I began my career shooting homes for a marketing firm working as the head photographer.

Back home in New Zealand, I’m constantly refining my craft and pushing creative boundaries, with attention to details. My calm manner has proved worthy in times of pressure over the last 20 years of pro shooting.

I enjoy time with my husband and two teenage girls, hiking and kayaking. With a history of diving in the Red Sea, swimming with great white sharks, hanging out of helicopters – I’m always up for adventure."

Maxine Lock Australia food & drink photographers

With an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the essence of every item, Maxine Lock brings products to life through her lens.

Whether it's sleek gadgets, artisanal crafts, or delectable culinary creations, Maxine's expertise lies in highlighting the unique features and qualities of each product, creating visually compelling images that resonate with viewers.

With her keen understanding of lighting, composition, and aesthetics, Maxine transforms ordinary objects into extraordinary visual stories, helping businesses showcase their products in the best possible light.

Tom MacDonald Australia cosmetics photographers

With over two decades of experience as a seasoned photographer, Tom MacDonald’s career is a testament to his unwavering dedication to capturing moments with precision and passion for detail.

Throughout his journey, he’s had the privilege of collaborating with renowned agencies like McCann and Rumble, honing his craft alongside industry experts.

Tom’s portfolio boasts a diverse array of clients, ranging from esteemed names like Bonhams 1793 to luxury brands such as Margot McKinney and Hardy Brothers.

Tom’s work is not merely about taking pictures, but about crafting visual narratives that resonate with authenticity and emotion. From meticulously composing shots to expertly manipulating light, Tom strives to encapsulate the essence of every subject he photographs.

Andy Lewis Sydney food & drink photographers

Award-winning Australian food and drink photographer Andy Lewis bases himself out of his fully equipped kitchen studio in Sydney. Andy continues to have very long standing working relationships with his clients, which is a testimony to his character and the extremely high quality of craftsmanship in his work. Always striving for better results, Andy and his teams supply only top tier images.

Andy works with a range of the best still life and food stylists which he selects to fulfil the brief. Andy and his team are there to guide you through the whole production process including recipe development, prop sourcing and set building.

In recent months Andy has created food/drink photography and video for Fever-Tree, Delonghi, Lyres, Costco, IGA, Steggles, Lilydale, Greens & Goodness, Tummy Gummies, Man of Many, Providoor, Commonwealth Bank, Goodman Fielder, Moria Macs, Coeliac Australia and Wholegreen Bakery.

Manja Wachsmuth Auckland food & drink photographers

Manja Wachsmuth has won awards and fans with her impeccable Scandinavian sense of elegant composition, recently listed as a Lürzer’s Archive top 200 Ad photographer for the second time. Manja creates masterful food photography, captivating product shots, expressive portraiture and lifestyle imagery that intrigues.

Danish-born but now resident in Auckland, Manja's work is a testament to photographic power. From darkroom beginnings to culinary artistry, she has become a master of precision and purpose in commercial photography. Manja believes in the profound impact of beautiful photos and compelling narratives.

"Beautiful photos last. They tell your story year after year, through trends and seasons, failure and success. They shine with you. It's easy to think that any photo will do, but that's as untrue as any meal or any wine will do. I believe in beautiful photos.” - says Wachsmuth.

Collaborating with top chefs, artisan producers, and lifestyle brands, her photography delves into the heart of her subjects with an unwavering commitment to authenticity.

Manja is repped by Film Construction. To view Manja’s printed portfolio, contact Exec Producer Belinda Bradley. Client list includes: Heineken, American Express, Nespresso, Fever-Tree, Barker’s of Geraldine and Liquorland.

Represented by flint Andreas Smetana Sydney Advertising Photographers & Directors

Renowned for his 25 years of expertise in commercial campaigns, photographer/director/DOP Andreas Smetana has garnered global recognition for his work.

Able to transition between film and photography, Andreas moves between a diverse range of genres, from technically demanding shoots to intimate human narratives, ensuring each story is authentically captured.

His impressive portfolio boasts an enviable client list including Australian Defence Force, Woolworths, Audi, Lexus, Toyota and Samsung, alongside household names such as Qantas, Amex and Uber.

Represented by flint Alex Feggans Sydney directors/ advertising / commercials

Best known for his ability to elicit strong performances and create vibrant cinematic worlds, Alex Feggans is driven by his passion for telling character-driven stories that are entertaining and memorable.

Alex began his career working on feature film sets before moving into post-production where he honed his storytelling skills as a commercial advertising editor in London and Sydney.

He spent the next decade cutting for some of the world’s best commercial directors before making the leap into directing himself. He has since directed campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands including Netflix, Nintendo, HSBC, Coke and TAB.

His first short film ‘Jackrabbit’ played at some of the world’s best film festivals (including the international competition at Clermont-Ferrand, Sydney Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, OFF and Hollywood Comedy Shorts) and was acquired by Canal+ (France), Telefonica (Spain) and SVT (Sweden) to play on their cable TV networks.

Alex prides himself on having a clear vision and enjoys collaborating to bring the creative team’s ideas to life in the most compelling way. Above all else, he loves to make films and always brings boundless energy to every project.

Represented by flint David Maurice Smith Sydney Advertising Photographers & Directors

David Maurice Smith works as both a director and photographer in Australia and surrounds, floating between the genres of advertising and documentary storytelling.

He initially gained recognition as a photojournalist covering complex issues around the globe on assignment for publications like The New York Times Magazine and TIME. It was this work that helped define his authentic and emotionally rich visual style, the same style that can be seen in the work he now creates for large-scale stills and motion brand campaigns for clients like American Express and The Government of Australia.

Underpinning his work is a fascination with the human condition and a love of using dramatic light and strong composition to bring complex narratives to life, walking the line between commercial and documentary.

David is commercially represented by flint, a full-service motion and stills production house based in Sydney.

Represented by flint Jeremy Shaw Sydney Advertising Photographers & Directors

In the world of creativity, Jeremy Shaw is all about teamwork, forming lasting bonds with big names like Qantas, Telstra, St George Bank and NT Tourism.

He's got this amazing knack for getting people to open up, showing their true selves. His style behind the camera? It's all about catching those real, unscripted moments and turning them into stunning visuals.

After years in the industry, Jeremy's become a pro at handling anything thrown his way on commercial shoots. His eye for detail means he can adapt on the fly, making sure everything runs smoothly no matter what pops up.

Represented by flint Jon Bader Sydney Food Photographers & Directors

Jon Bader is one of Australia’s top food photographer/directors. His stills and film work is characterised by his attention to detail and a lighting style that always delivers mouthwatering food that jumps off the page and screen. His ability to turn a brief into an appetite driven visual journey, whilst creating a collaborative and relaxed working environment, is what makes Jon a sort after talent in the industry.

Over a career spanning 30 years Jon has dished up successful ad campaigns for the likes of McDonald’s, Woolworth’s, Meat&Livestock Australia, KFC, Coca-Cola, Qantas, Nestlé and many more.

Jon is also well known for his editorial food and lifestyle work and has stepped into the kitchens of many of Australia’s top chefs, working with them to create countless food stories and features as well as contributing his talents to various charities in the fight against food waste.

Represented by flint Matt Cherubino Sydney Lifestyle, Outdoor & Adventure Photographers

Matt Cherubino found inspiration within his home city limits of Melbourne, but took his craft to new heights once he found what lay beyond them.

Cherubino's devotion to photography is as natural as the landscapes he explores, capturing moments over the past ten years across all seven continents, building a worldly portfolio that speaks for itself. Matt has recently worked with global front runners such as Apple, Arc'teryx and Intrepid Travel.

At the heart of his ethos, Matt strives to tell the story behind the surface, producing eye-catching, considered, and meaningful visuals. His extensive experience has sharpened his approach, bringing adaptability and finesse to ensure a seamless creative process.

Matt is dedicated to understanding and realising his clients' vision. Whether on set or out in remote locations, Matt consistently captures imagery with emotion and purpose.

Represented by Flint Toby Dixon Sydney Advertising Photographers & Directors

Toby Dixon is an acclaimed Australian photographer and director renowned for his dynamic and captivating visual storytelling. Dixon has carved a niche for himself in the creative industry, merging technical prowess with an unerring eye for detail to create compelling images and films.

His portfolio is a testament to his versatility and artistic range, encompassing a wide array of genres from commercial advertising to portraiture, sport, and documentary photography. Notable for his ability to capture the essence of his subjects, Dixon's images often evoke a powerful emotional response, blending striking visuals with nuanced storytelling. In the realm of commercial photography, Dixon has collaborated with an impressive roster of high-profile clients, including leading brands such as Nike, OPSM, Telstra and Samsung.

Transitioning between stills and motion, Dixon has also made significant strides as a director. His films, much like his photography, are celebrated for their visual richness and narrative depth. Whether crafting a poignant short film or a vibrant commercial spot, Dixon brings a unique vision and creative flair to every project.

Represented by flint Tom Franks Sydney People & Lifestyle Photographers & Directors

Most image makers see a subject through a lens. Tom sees people—real, unconventional, flawed, brilliant, unforgettable human beings.

He connects with them not just as people but as characters, blending his small-town Yorkshire charm with world-class technical wizardry to create portraits that resonate with the audience.

Whether capturing stills or directing motion, Tom uses this personal connection to gain trust, build friendships, and craft memorable visual narratives.

In a world suddenly immersed in AI, creating authentic still and motion work that connects with an audience on more than a surface level has never been more important. Much of his advertising work demands a high degree of technical understanding and problem-solving, yet he always strives to keep the imagery grounded in realism.

Honestly, though, he's just thrilled to make a living by telling stories through photography and film while collaborating with a wide variety of smart and creative people across multiple industries.